Grove - Temperature and Humidity sensor (High accuracy & mini)

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This is a multifunctional sensor that gives you temperature and relative humidity information at the same time. It uses a TH02 sensor that can meet the measurement needs of most purposes. It provides reliable readings when the humidity ranges between 0-80% RH, and the temperature ranges between 0-70°C. This therefore covers most daily applications in the home and elswhere. 

Consumption product
Weather station
Humidity regulator
Air conditioner

  • Operating voltage range:3.3V - 5V 
  • Low Power Consumption:350 µA during RH conversion 
  • 0 to 100% RH operating range  
  • Humidity: 0% - 80% RH Temperature: 0 ~ 70 °C  
  • Humidity: ±4.5% RH 
  • Temperature: ±0.5°C 

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