Grove - Flame Sensor

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The Grove - Flame Sensor can be used to detect fire source or other light sources of the wavelength in the range of 760nm - 1100 nm. 

It is based on the YG1006 sensor which is a high speed and high sensitive NPN silicon phototransistor. Due to its black epoxy, the sensor is sensitive to infrared radiation. In fire fighting robot game, The sensor plays a very important role, it can be used as a robot eyes to find the fire source.

Fire or light source detection

  • Voltage: 4.75 - 5VDC
  • Current: 20mA
  • Range of Spectral Bandwidth: 760 - 1100nm
  • Detection range: 0 ~ 1m
  • Response Time: 15μS
  • Operating Temperature: -25 ~ 85℃

Grove - Flame Sensor GitHub

Grove - Flame Sensor on WIKI

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